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Use ICL8063 of 50 w Audio Amplifier

2015-01-06 22:58  
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This article is about using ICL8063  of 50 w audio amplifier brief. We recommend that you carefully review the schematic diagram before you look at the key components of ICL8063 introduction. Here are ICL8063 description:
ICL8063 Description: The ICL8063 is a 1.2V temperature-compensated voltage reference. It uses the bandgap principle to achieve excellent stability and low noise at reverse currents down to 50μA. Maxim's ICL8069 also features excellent stability, freedom from oscillation.
ICL8063 features:
· Temperature Coefficient Guaranteed to 10ppm / ° C max
· Low Bias Current: 50μA min
· Low Dynamic Impedance
· Low Reverse Voltage
· Low Cost
ICL8063 applications:
· Analog-to-Digital Converters
· Digital-to-Analog Converters
· Threshold Detectors
· Voltage Regulators
· Portable Instruments
I hope to have a basic understanding of ICL8063 you understand the circuit diagram for help.

mixer1  50W audio amplifier using ICL8063

50W audio amplifier using ICL8063