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Wide band high frequency amplifier

2015-01-05 19:05  
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High-frequency amplifier circuit,Wide frequency band between 75-150 MHz,Using transistors, a PNP amplifier.To enhance the signal strength.Before the receiver of the phone. Or FM radio or amateur radio.
If high-frequency signals, in particular, its VHF. The booster circuit is one, serves to amplify the signal strength only.
Operation of the circuit. High-frequency range VHF, inductive antenna, to the emitter pin of the transistor Q1. so circuit held, in conjunction with the bass, a nice low output impedance. You can use a special access code 50 ohms, the antenna on the circuit at all.Signal at the Q1 will be expanded to increase.And sent to a tuner or receiver to the receiver.

Wide band high frequency amplifier

The L1 coil wire enamel No. 24 SWG, thousands of rounds of 10, inside diameter 3 mm. And the coil L2 wire number. Thousands of 13 turns, diameter 5 mm. Stent both as a non-core, or an air core.
The power supply is 5 V, this circuit while current is 2.5 mA. If the components to use. Should be based on the antenna. And design of high frequency printed circuit boards as well.

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