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100w power amplifier using STK404-130S audio IC

2014-11-21 21:41  
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A very high power and efficiency 100w power amplifier electronic project can be designed using the STK404 audio power amplifier hybrid ICs that consist of optimally-designed discrete component power amplifier circuits that have been miniaturized using SANYO’s unique insulated metal substrate technology (IMST).
Like other STK audio amplifiers electronic circuits , this 100W power amplifier circuit require a very well filtered DC power supply .

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STK404 100w power amplifier power audio IC is pin to pin compatible with some other STK series power amplifiers ranging from 45W to 180W (10%/1kHz) .
This audio power amplifier use the STK404-130S audio IC that will provide a maximum of 100 watt output power on a 6 ohms load with 0.4% THD . Using the same IC , can be obtained an output power of 150 watts with 10% THD.
The STK404-130S power audio IC supports a maximum input DC voltage of 64 volts , but typically is recommended a 45 volt dual ( +/-) power supply.
Because of the power dissipation , the STK404-130S hybrid audio power IC must be mounted on a heatsink . Therefore, the thermal resistance that satisfies all requirements of these power audio amplifier (for a guaranteed ambient temperature of 50°C) is 1.48°C/W.

100w power amplifier electronic project using STK404-130S audio IC