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1 watt audio amplifier circuit diagam

2014-11-03 10:02  
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This 1 watt audio amplifier circuit is based on the TDA7052 which can provide 1 watt maximum output power on a 8 ohms load .
TDA7052  is available in two types TDA7052B  and TDA7052BT (Bridge-Tied Load) which deliver a 0.5 W output power.

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TDA7052 1 watt audio amplifier circuit require few external components and has DC volume control.
TDA7052 1 watt audio amplifier circuit can be used in TV , monitors  but even in portable applications like recorders and radios .
are also suitable for use in battery-fed portable recorders and radios.
Main features of the TDA7052  audio amplifier are : DC volume control ,few external components ,mute mode ,thermal protection ,low power consumption ,ESD protected on all pins.
For the TDA7052BT amplifier the load impedance must be 16 ohms .
For this power amplifier is require a 6 volts DC power supply .

1 watt audio amplifier circuit TDA7052 audio amplifier volume control circuit