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20 W stereo Class D audio amplifier using NCS8353

2014-11-25 21:32  
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A very simple stereo Class D audio amplifier electronic circuit project can be designed using the NCS8353 audio IC capable of delivering a continuous power of up to 20 W/ch into an 8 ohms .
NCS8353 stereo Class D audio amplifier circuit is designed by ON Semiconductor and it can be powered from the existing 24 V rail in Flat Panel Television (FPTV) systems. The high efficiency of the NCS8353, 86%, reduces the requirement of an external heat sink when driving high power.

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The digital power limit feature can program the output power limit at 10 W, 12 W, 15 W, or 20 W/ch, allowing the NCS8353 to be a single system solution in FPTV audio applications.
The digital power limiter quickly reduces the internal gain of the amplifier when high amplitude signals would cause excessive clipping on the output.
The gain of the NCS8353 is programmed via two gain pins, G0 and G1, allowing four selectable ranges: 20 dB, 26 dB, 32 dB, and 36 dB.
Auto recovery short circuit and over temperature protection circuitry are incorporated to ensure device functionality after short circuit and high temperature events occur .
The circuit can be powered from a wide input voltage range from 8 volt DC up to 26 volt DC .

20 W stereo Class D audio amplifier using NCS8353