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20 watt amplifier electronic project

2014-11-22 21:37  
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A very simple 20 watt amplifier electronic project circuit can be designed using the TA7280P, TA7281P dual audio power amplifier IC designed for consumer applications.
This 20 watt amplifier electronic project is designed for low distortion and low noise audio applications .
The difference between TA7280P and TA7281P ICs is that the pin configuration for TA7281P are placed in the reverse order for easier layout design of PC-board when used in BTL-stereo application .
This 20 watt amplifier also contains various kind of protectors like : thermal shout down, over voltage protection, Out-Vcc Short, OUT-GND Short and Out-Out Short Protection.

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This audio power amplifier electronic project is suitable for car-audio power amplifier with high performance and can be powered from a DC voltage between 9 and 18 volt , but typically is recommended an input voltage between 13.2 and 14.4 volts .
In the circuits bellow you can see both circuits for TA7280P and TA7281P pin configuration in the BTL mode .
For both circuits you must use a 4 ohms load speaker .
Audio muting can be accomplished by connecting pin6 (ripple filter) to GND .

20 watt amplifier electronic project circuit using TA7281P
20 watt amplifier electronic project circuit using TA7280P