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2x45 watts car audio amplifier using TA8254BHQ

2014-11-29 13:15  
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Using the TA8254BHQ integrated circuit , manufactured by Toshiba Semiconductors , can be designed a very simple high efficiency audio power amplifier project for car audio applications . The TA8254BHQ audio power amplifier is a BTL stereo audio amplifier especially designed for 2 ohms load impedance .

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This simple power amplifier will provide 45 watts output audio power on a 2 channels ( 45 watts per channel) .
Some features of this audio amplifier project are : stand by functions, muting function, diagnosis circuit output, clipping detector ,thermal protection and short circuit protection function.

The operating supply voltage accepted by the TA8254BHQ IC is between 9 and 18 volts , but typically is recommended a 13.2 -14.4 volts DC voltage .
2x45 watts car audio amplifier using TA8254BHQ audio circuit