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4 channel car amplifier using TA8259H

2014-11-18 22:41  
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Using the TA8259H integrated circuit can be designed a very simple 4 ch BTL audio power amplifier for car audio application.
This IC can generate more high power: POUT MAX = 37 W as it is included the pure complementary PNP and NPN transistor output stage.

Electronic cricket sound generator Dynamic microphone preamplifier schematic circuit with LM387 4 channel audio mixer circuit diagram using SSM2024 KA2411 high power bicycle horn project circuit diagram

It is designed low distortion ratio for 4 ch BTL audio power amplifier, built-in Stand-by Function, Muting Function, Clip detector, and diagnosis circuit.
As you can see in the circuit diagram , this audio amplifier electronic project require extreme low external electronic parts .

Additionally, the AUX. amplifier is built-in, it can make the beep signal etc. output to 2 channels (OUT1 and 4).

Input voltage range that is accepted by this audio amplifier project is between 9 and 18 volt , but typically is required a 14,4 volts DC.
All speakers used with this amplifier circuit project , based on TA8259H IC must have a 4 ohms impedance .
37 watts 4 channel car amplifier electronic project circuit diagram using TA8259H