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60 watt audio amplifier project using STK4038

2014-11-13 18:09  
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Using the STK4038X audio amplifier IC, can be designed a very simple high power and efficiency audio power amplifier . This circuit is manufactured by Sanyo Corporation and will provide a output power of 60 watts on a 8 ohms load or 4 ohms load with 0.008% distortion .

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The output power that is provided by this audio IC , can be more higher , but with more distortion.
If you will use a 8 ohms load you must power this audio amplifier project from a dual +/- 40 volts DC power supply and if you’ll use a 4 ohms load you must power this audio project form a dual +/- 33.5 volts DC power source.
To prevent over heating the STK4038X audio power IC must be heatsinked on a good heatsink .
Also you must use a very well filtered power supply ( a 10000uF capacitor will be fine for this audio project) .

60 watt audio amplifier electronic project circuit using the STK4038 audio IC