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Audio distortion level meter indicator circuit project

2014-11-29 07:34  
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Using this electronic circuit can be made an audio distortion level meter indicator circuit project for power gain provided by an amplifier module that does not react or react with difficulty at of short duration peaks of power. This audio distortion level meter indicator circuit is controlled by the output of an amplifier stage of AF.
The transistor T1 make a voltage regulator. The values of R1 and R2 depend on the supply voltage and can be replaced using values from the table below.
The input signal is rectified by D4 and D5 and then load it on C4. This capacitor is discharged through R5 and R6.
IC1 acts as a comparator circuit and is connected as a Schmitt trigger. It compares the input signal with a reference voltage which is determined by P1.
Input signal amplitude can be between 2Vvv and 10 Vvv. Hysteresis is 400 mV over the entire working range. Circuit is triggered at the same level in the frequency range 100 Hz-15 kHz.

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Short circuit reacts sowing but only if their amplitude is at least 50% higher than the trigger voltage.

Circuit Diagram:  Audio distortion level meter indicator circuit project