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Audio graphic equalizer circuit diagram showing

2016-01-03 14:42  
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This article describes an audio graphic equalizer circuit diagram display. The principle is simple and effective. Schematics can combine text look better grasp of this principle. A gyrator circuit is an active device and the transistors used to simulate the inductor. In this case, the transistor agent gyrator R1, R3 and C2. It can also easily be a unity gain amplifier. Circuit includes three formulas: one that f, the center frequency of the band. The second shows how to ask for capacitance ratio. Third program presented impedance circuit. Note that this includes the three conditions, the first a pure resistance, the second is the capacitive contribution from the C1 and the third term is an inductive device from rotating. If you're considering a "tuned circuit" (gyrator) hanging in the pan slider, which is connected to either positive or negative input variable scope. In turn will increase the reaction rate and other will reduce it. Of course you have to choose a good, low-noise amplifier: When we make these we use the 741's, but we chose low noise. Transistors  also require low noise. That is the case. A very simple and effective circuit. The most difficult thing is to purchase components, especially for gradient pot!

Audio Graphic Equaliser




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