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Audio mixer circuit diagram project using operational amplif

2014-11-24 22:40  
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A very simple audio mixer using operational amplifier can be designed using electronic scheme in the figure below. The audio mixer uses a TL071 operational amplifier, but can be used TL081 and a type 741 operational amplifier in adder configuration. Individual input signals are applied through mixing potentiometers, the strength of 100k from the inverting input of operational amplifier.
The quality of mixer depends entirely on the type operational amplifier used. Summed signal is amplified by a factor of 4.7 and output level can be adjusted as desired. Output is being protected from short circuit and has a very low impedance. Input impedance can be adjusted by the potentiometers 47k and is about 40 K.
The circuit can be powered by 9 V battery as power consumption is very low.

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