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Car audio amplifier electronic project using TB2901HQ

2014-11-10 13:02  
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Using the TB2901HQ IC can be designed a very simple 4 channel BTL car audio amplifier or can be implemented a very simple audio system for car audio applications .
This TB2901HQ car audio amplifier electronic project can generate higher power: POUT MAX = 47 W as it includes the pure complementary P-channel and N-channel DMOS output stage.
TB2901HQ car audio amplifier electronic project is designed to yield low distortion ratio for 4 channel BTL audio power amplifier, built-in standby function, muting function, and various kinds of protectors like : thermal shut down, overvoltage, out to GND, out to VCC, out to out short .
This car audio amplifier electronic project supports a wide range input voltage from 9 to 18 volts . However you may need to use additional protection circuits , because like many other audio ICs this protection features are intended to avoid some output short circuits or other abnormal conditions temporarily. These protect functions do not warrant to prevent the IC from being damaged . Audio muting function is enabled when pin 22 is Low . Moreover, this pin is designed to operate off 5 V and serves as the source switch of current of an internal mute circuit.

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For powering this car audio amplifier circuit you must ( recommended ) use a 13.2-14.4 DC power supply circuit ( the IC supports a wide input voltage range ) .
Don’t forget to use a very well designed heatsink , to prevent over temperature damage of IC.

car audio amplifier electronic project using TB2901HQ