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How to build Three Channel Audio Splitter

2016-01-01 02:28  
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This circuit is suitable to amplify and distribute the audio signals. The input audio signal is applied to the J1 and after passing through the P1, It is buffered and amplified by the IC1 prepared to redistribute. It has 3 outputs to drive 3 audio lines with 300 ohms impedance.

Circuit Diagram:

Circuit Diagram


J1 = RCA Socket (See Notes)P1 = 100K-PotentiometreR* = 10K-100KR1 = 560KR2 = 1KR3 = 2.2KR4 = 2.7KR5 = 2.7KR6 = 330RR7 = 330RR8 = 330RC1 = 100uF-25VC2 = 100uF-25VC3 = 100uF-25VD1 = BZX79C18D2 = BZX79C18Q1 = BC337Q2 = BC327IC1 = NE5532-34


J1 will be RCA Audio input female socket.R* is on your choice it can be choose between 10K to 100K resistor.Output capacitor’s value is between 100uf to 470uf and power handling is 25V to 50V.You can power up this circuit via 12V/-12V regulated supply but you have to remove following parts Q1-Q2-C2-C3-D1-D2.Maximum power ratings 35V/-35V

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