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LA4440 audio amplifier circuit diagram electronic project

2014-11-14 16:45  
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Using the LA4440 audio amplifier IC can be designed a very simple stereo power audio amplifier electronic project , that will provide a 6 watt output power into a 8 ohms load .
The circuit has good ripple rejection of 46dB, small residual noise, built in over voltage and surge voltage protection .

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Some features of this audio amplifier IC are: minimum number of external parts required, small pop noise at the time of power supply ON/OFF and good starting balance, good ripple rejection : 46dB (typ.) , good channel separation , small residual noise (Rg=0) , low distortion over a wide range from low frequencies to high frequencies , built-in audio muting function ,built-in protectors .

LA4440 audio amplifier circuit diagram electronic project