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LM2005 20 watt amp circuit diagram electronic project

2014-11-15 13:13  
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A very simple 20 watt amp electronic project can be designed using the LM2005 dual high power amplifier, designed to deliver optimum performance and reliability for automotive applications. LM2005 has a high current capability (3.5A) that enables the device to deliver 10W/channel into 2ohms (LM2005T-S), or 20W bridged monaural (LM2005T-M) into 4ohms, with low distortion.

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Because the LM2005 integrated power amplifier supports a 4 ohms load into the bridge mode , we recommend to use the following circuit application .
OK , maybe you will say : but I need a stereo power amplifier . In that case you can use two circuits ( two separate amplifiers ) each of them connected in bridge mode .
This power amplifier circuit supports a wide input voltage range , between 8 and 18 volts , but because this circuit is designed for automotive applications , the typical power supply required is 14,4 volts DC .
As you can see in the schematic circuit this audio power amplifier will provide 20 watt output power on a 4 ohms load using bridge mode configuration .

LM2005 20 watt amp circuit diagram electronic project