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LM383 bridged 16 watts audio amplifier

2014-11-05 12:29  
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This LM383 audio amplifier circuit schematic electronic project is capable to deliver up to 16 watts audio power in a 4 ohms load impedance working in bridge mode configuration .

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The LM383 circuit can work in single mode configuration or in bridge mode . If you want to build the LM383 single mode configuration audio amplifier circuit  ( 7 watts amplifier ) look here .
For the 16 watts bridged audio amplifier we need a 14.4 volts DC power supply . This bridged audio amplifier can be used for devices like TVs , radios , car radios , cd-players  .

This 16 watts power amplifier has high efficiency and require few external components that make it ideal for low cost  audio amplifier circuits .
LM383 bridged 16 watts audio amplifier circuit