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LM391 40 watt audio amplifier circuit

2014-11-04 18:52  
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This 40 watt audio amplifier circuit is designed using LM391 audio power driver circuit and few external electronic components.
This 40 watt audio amplifier circuit needs a power supply that can provide an output voltage between 27 and 39 volts (split power supply).
LM391 audio power driver is designed to drive high power external transistors in 10 to 100 watts power amplifiers designs .
This audio amplifier circuit can deliver 40 watts on a 8 ohms load impedance or 60w on a 4 ohms load impedance .
The type of the output transistors and the driver transistors must be like in the table presented bellow .
To prevent thermal overload that can destroy the circuit, this IC must be mounted on a heatsink.
You can use this circuit for building simple and compact audio systems that require few external electronic parts.

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The schottky diode and resistor (100 ohms value) marked with + are used for additional protection of the driver .

LM391 60 40 watt audio amplifier circuit