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LM4562 High Fidelity Audio Op Amp Datasheet

2016-01-09 16:34  
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LM4562commonly used in applications such as High fidelity preamplifiers, High fidelity multimedia, High performanceLM4562 Noise Measurement Circuitprofessional audio and many more high fidelity applications as stated inthe datasheet. This LM4562 features are Optimized for superior audio signal fidelity, Easily drives 600 Ohms loads, Output short circuit protection, PSRR and CMRR exceed 120dB and VOS (0.1mV) which give excellent operational amplifier DC performance ability.

In the application note information withintheLM4562Datasheet, you will find detailed sections discuss about distortion measurements technique with Noise Measurement Circuit (click to enlarge), LM4562 Typical Circuit Diagrams for such NAB Preamp, Balanced to Single Ended Converter, Sine Wave Oscillator, AC/DC Converter, Tone Control, RIAA Preamp, Balanced Input Mic Amp, 10 Band Graphic Equalizer, and more.

Find detailed read about thisDual High Performance, High Fidelity Audio Operational Amplifier Devicein the the LM4562 Datasheet (source: national.com).