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LM4962 ceramic speaker driver

2014-11-14 18:54  
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A very useful , high efficiency ceramic speaker driver circuit can be designed using the LM4962 integrated amplifier , designed by National Semiconductors .
LM4962 Stereo Ceramic Speaker Driver integrates a switching boost converter with an audio power amplifier and can be used in either mono or stereo ceramic speaker applications. For stereo applications, an external audio power amplifier LM4951 is used in conjunction with the LM4962.

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Because of their ultra-thin profile piezoelectric ceramic speakers are ideal for portable applications. Piezoelectric materials have high dielectric constants and their component electrical property is like a capacitor.
Because these speakers are capacitive rather than resistive, they require less current than traditional moving coil speakers .

However, ceramic speakers require high driving voltages for an portable application (approximately 15Vp-p) , so to achieve these high output voltages in battery operated applications, the LM4962 integrates a boost converter with an audio amplifier.
The protection circuitry in the LM4962 detects an over voltage/current event in both the internal amplifier and the external LM4951 amplifier.

However , as you can see bellow this Ceramic Speaker Driver electronic project requires few external electronic components and is very easy to be implemented .
LM4962 ceramic speaker driver schematic circuit
LM4962 ceramic speaker driver components