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LME49830 power audio amplifier

2014-11-02 06:06  
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A very simple high efficiency power amplifier circuit can be designed using the LME49830 high fidelity audio power amplifier input stage designed for demanding consumer and pro-audio applications.
The LME49830 is capable of driving an output stage in excess of 300 watt single-ended into an 8Ω load in the presence of 10% high line headroom and 20% supply regulation.
The LME49830 includes internal thermal shut down circuitry that activates when the LME49830 die temperature exceeds 150°C. The LME49830 has a mute function that mutes the input drive signal and forces the amplifier output to a quiescent state.
With a bias voltage range up to 16V the LME49830 can be used to drive MOSFET output stages using a wide selection of MOSFETs and also the LME49830 supports a wide operating supply range from ±20V to ±100V, which allows to use low cost, unregulated power supplies .
This audio power amplifier circuit is a two device per side MOSFET output stage driven directly from the LME4983.

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When is running from an dual 60 volts power supply circuit this audio power audio amplifier is capable to provide a 335 watts output power with THD 0.1% or 430 watts with THD 10% on a 4 ohms load .
If you’ll use an 8 ohms load , the maximum output power will be 175 watts with THD 0.1% or 230 watts with THD 10 % .
However as you can see in the schematic circuit , this high fidelity audio power amplifier require few external components and will provide a mono audio amplifier . If you need a stereo audio amplifier circuit you will need to construct two circuits .
The power supply voltage limitation for this audio amplifier , is based on the Toshiba 2SK1530/2SJ201 MOSFET which has an Vdss of 200V . It is recommended that the maximum power supply voltage applied to this power amplifier to be less than 80 volts .
The power dissipation for this module is around 91 watts for 8 ohms load and 60 volts power supply and 182 watts for 4 ohms load and 60 volts power supply .
Because of the power dissipation rating this module must be heat sinked using a 4 inch extruder heatsink ,and additional to reduce the thermal resistance depending on the air flow can be mounted an fan .

LME49830 power amplifier 175W, 300 watt , 450 watt audio power