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LV47011P car audio amplifier circuit diagram

2014-11-23 07:11  
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Using the LV47011P audio power amplifier IC designed for 4-channel BTL power amplifier that developed for car audio system we can implement a very simple car audio amplifier electronic project that can produce an output power between 22 and 50 watts on a 4 ohms load .
This LV47011P car audio amplifier electronic project will provide a maximum 22 watts output power per channel on a 4 ohms load using a 14,4 volts DC power supply at 1% THD .
In same conditions , this car audio amplifier electronic circuit project will provide 29 watts output power at 10% THD .

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This IC incorporate various functions (standby switch, muting function, and various protection circuit) necessary for car
audio system and also, it has a self-diagnosis function.
For pop noise prevention, it is recommended to use the muting function at the same time when the amplifier is turned on.
When the amplifier is turn off, turn off the power supply after turning on the muting function .
The muted state is obtained by setting pin 22 to the ground potential, enabling audio muting.
The muting function is turned on by the applied voltage of 1V or less to the resistance of pin 22. And the muting function is turn off when this pin opens.
The circuit is packaged in a Sanyo HZIP 25 package and must be heat sinked , to prevent the damage due to over heating .

LV47011P car audio amplifier electronic circuit project