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Low distortion audio gain limiter

2016-01-15 19:21  
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The level at which the limiter kicks in audio can be adjusted with the selector knob LIMIT LEVEL. When this level is exceeded, the output of the half-LIMITING detector of the op-amp (used as a comparator) turns the LED causes the resistance of the photoresistor to decline rapidly. It is in tum causes the gain of Ie half LIMITED op-amp to decrease.
Low distortion audio gain limiter

When the signal falls below the desired limit, the light goes out, the resistance of the photocell increases and the gain of the op-amp back to its normal level LIMITED one set by the combination of resistors RI and R2 . A dual polarity power supply (?± 12 volts is desirable) is required for the op-amp.

Datasheet file1: Click here to download LM1458.pdf datasheet.

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