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MAX9820 stereo headphone amplifier

2014-11-08 05:20  
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Maxim Semiconductor introduced the MAX9820 Windows Vista®-compliant stereo headphone amplifier designed for portable equipment . The M9820 require few external components and is very easy to configure . MAX9820 stereo headphone amplifier require a single power supply circuit with a voltage range between 2.7V from 5.5 V and is capable to deliver a 95mW output power into a 32 ohms load ( using a 5 v power supply ) .

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The MAX9820 features an undervoltage lockout that prevents over discharging of the battery during brownout conditions, click-and-pop suppression that eliminates audible transients on startup, a low-power shutdown mode, and thermal-overload and short-circuit protection.

Main features of the  MAX9820  are  : Clickless/Popless Operation ,  High RF Noise Rejection , Windows Vista Premium Mobile Compliant ,  2.7V to 5.5V Single-Supply Operation , 95mW Output Power (32Ω, VDD = 5V) , Low-Current Shutdown Mode < 1μA , Low 3mA (VDD = 3.3V) Quiescent Current .

MAX9820 stereo headphone amplifier circuit diagram