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NJM2701 3D surround audio circuit

2014-11-04 04:23  
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Using the NJM2701 3D surround audio processor integrated circuit , can be designed a very simple 3D surround system .
The NJM2701 is a 3D surround audio processor regenerating the 3D surround sound with only two speakers.

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The NJM2701 is suitable for audio applications, which are speaker system for mini components, CD radio cassette, multimedia speaker systems, TV and others.
As you can see in the schematic circuit diagram this 3D surround audio system require few external electronic components .
This 3D surround audio system can be powered from a wide input voltage range from 4.7 to 13V DC .

Some of the features of this surround audio system are : stable center image and natural sound field , high quality surround ,free speaker interval ,monaural mode (Mono-to-Stereo Synthesis) ,surround control (Stereo mode only) ,internal mode control switch .
3D surround audio circuit diagram using NJM2701 audio processor