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Remote audio level indicator

2016-01-04 15:27  
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The normal level-indicator circuits which are available in the market require connections to be made to the output of the player, which may not be easily accessible. The audio level indicator circuit described here removes this restriction as it may be placed close to the player’s speakers and yet the desired effect can be realised.
As shown in the circuit, signals are picked up by the condenser microphone, which get further amplified by the noninverting amplifier built around one of the four op-amps of LM324. The remaining three, along with four op-amps of the second LM324, are used as seven comparators to work as the level detector, giving seven output levels through seven coloured LEDs.

The sensitivity of the audio level indicator circuit may be improved by varying the 220k potentiometer. If a fine adjustment is desired, a 4.7-kilohm potentiometer may be connected in series resistors with the 220k potentiometer.

Remote audio level indicator circuit diagram

remote audio level indicator

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