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Schematic Audio Amplifier Circuit 200W

2016-04-17 21:52  
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Output Power : 200Watts

Load Resistance : 8ohms

Input impedance : 55K

Maximum supply voltage : (+95v)-0-(-95v)

Recommended supply voltage : (+66v)-0-(-66v)

This complete aerial quality, low babble address audio ability amplifier is based about the Hybrid Integrated Ambit STK4050 bogus by Sanyo. The ambit incorporates aggregate and has a best music achievement ability of 200W.The ambit incorporates an on lath ability supply; therefore, alone centre broke agent is appropriate to ability the circuit. I t has actual acceptable affection sound. U can use it with your Home Theatre your PC & etc... You can additionally use it as Subwoofer Amplifier.

It is a bunched amalgamation for THIN-TYPE Audio sets. Easy Heatsink architecture to banish calefaction generated in THIN-TYPE audio sets. Constant-Current ambit to Reduce accumulation switch-ON and switch-OFF shock noise. External accumulation switch-On and switch-OFF shock babble muting, Load circumlocute protection, thermal abeyance and added circuits can be tailored-designed. Advertisement: