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Single Output (Unbalanced output) Differential Amplifier Cir

2014-11-05 22:29  
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Single Output (Unbalanced output) Differential Amplifier Circuit
When Vo was taken out by point C of the Q1 and Q2,it is called single ended or single ended.Single ended is one time smaller than differential output.The common mode signal can not be suppressed when the signal ended outputs. because Vi1 and Vi2 increase meanwhile ,VC1 and VC2 reduce,what's more,Vo=VC2 but it is not zero(generating zero-point drift).But increasing RE resistance can increase negative back to suppress output and common-mode signals. Because when Vi1=Vi2 ,Ii1 and Ii2 increase at the same time,IE and VE increase,which makes Q1 and Q2 generate reverse feedback and Q1 and Q2 gain and loss reduce,that's to say Vo reduces.