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Stereo 1W audio amplifier circuit using TS4997

2014-11-06 01:28  
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This stereo 1W audio amplifier circuit is based on the TS4997 audio amplifier IC manufactured by ST Semiconductor
This stereo 1W audio amplifier circuit is a low power audio amplifier with a maximum output power of 1 Watt per channel (2x1W) on 8 ohms load .
TS4997 stereo differential audio amplifier offer 3D effect enhancement designed for low power applications .
3D effects enhancement is programmed through a two digital input pin interface that allows more flexibility on each output audio sound channel.
TS4997 audio amplifier IC operates from a input voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V .
Each output channel has its own external controlled standby mode pin to reduce the supply current to less than 10nA per channel.

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This audio amplifier IC offers internal thermal shutdown protection and many other features like : 1W output power per channel @ VCC=5V, THD+N=1%, RL=8Ω , Ultra low standby consumption , 80dB PSRR @ 217Hz with grounded inputs , High SNR: 106dB(A) typ , Fast startup time: 45ms typ. ,  Pop&click-free circuit .This audio amplifier design is very simple requiring just few external components :
- input resistors that set the closed loop gain in conjunction with a fixed internal feedback resistor (Gain = Rfeed/RIN, where Rfeed = 50kΩ).
-input coupling capacitors that block the DC voltage at the amplifier input terminal
-Supply bypass capacitors that provide power supply filtering.
-Bypass pin capacitor that provides half supply filtering.

Stereo 1W audio amplifier circuit using TS4997