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Stereo Application Circuit Schematic of The ADAU1592 Audio P

2016-01-15 06:40  
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This is a typicalstereo application circuit schematic of the ADAU1592, a 2-channel, bridge-tied load (BTL) switching audio power amplifier. You can apply ADAU1592 on flat panel televisions, pc audio system and/or mini-components applications.

Stereo Application Circuit Schematic of The ADAU1592 

According to the ADAU1592 datasheet, an external protection circuit is recommended to be added for applications that require supply voltage (PVDD) >15 V, you can use RC snubber or Schottky diode for this purpose. To prevent the beat frequencies of asynchronous clocks (if using multiple ADAU1592s) in the audio band, it is recommended to use only one clock source if the ADAU1592s share the same power supply.

You can also build a typical mono application circuit of the ADAU1592 by pulling pin 11 (MO/ST) to logic high, with detailed explanation in the datasheet. Read on completely aboutStereo Application Circuit Schematic of this Audio Power Amplifierin the ADAU1592 datasheet on page 21 (source: analog.com)