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TA8215 car audio amplifier

2014-11-13 03:12  
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The audio amplifier electronic project presented in this diagram is based on the TA8215 amplifier IC manufactured by Toshiba Semiconductor . The TA8215 amplifier IC is ideal for a car audio amplifier with a maximum output power of 18W per channel ( two channels ) on a 4 ohms load impedance.

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The TA8215 amplifier has many build-in features like : high power , low noise , low distortions , stand by function , muting function , overvoltage protection , short circuit protection thermal shut down protection and many others .
This power amplifier supports a wide range input voltage from 9 V to 18 V  but typically is needed a 13,2 V 14,4 V DC power supply .
When a 1V  or less is applied to pin 1 the muting function becomes active .
This power amplifier require few external components an it can be used in many other audio applications than the car audio amplifier .

TA8215 car audio amplifier circuit schematic