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TDA1011 - 4W Audio Amplifier Circuit

2016-04-17 18:01  
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TDA1011 - 4W Audio Amplifier CircuitTDA1011 - 4W Audio Amplifier Circuit

This is 4 watts amplifier circuit diagram for implementing portable radio with TDA1011 from Philips Semiconductor.

The TDA1011 is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier in one place-9 in line (SIL) plastic container. The device is specially designed for portable radio and recording applications and offers up to 4 W at a load impedance of 4 W. The device can deliver up to 6 W 4 W to 16 V power load on the network powered applications. The maximum permissible voltage of 24 V makes this circuit very suitable for DC and AC unit, while the application supply voltage of 3.6 V low V enables applications 6.