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TDA2822 power amplifier

2014-11-08 10:42  
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TDA2822 power amplifier is a monolithic integrated circuit in 12+2+2 powerdip, intended for use as dual audio power amplifier in portable radios and TS sets.
Using few external components TDA2822 is ideal for audio amplifier on audio portable devices .
Maximum ratings can be obtained using the parameters from specifications below .
 tda2822 maximum ratings

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For a power supply of 9V DC the output power of the TDA2822 is around 1.75W per channel at 4 ohms load impedance .
Using TDA2882 in bridge mode we can be obtain a 3.2W for a 9V DC power supply at 8 ohms load impedance .
During soldering the pins temperature must not exceed 260 degree C and the soldering time must not be longer than 12 seconds.
For high temperature dissipation the can be used as Heatsink Copper Area like in figure bellow or can be mounted external heatsink mounted like in picture bellow .

tda2822 heatsink circuit tda2822 heatsinktda2822 power amplifier circuit diagram tda2822 power amplifier bridged