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TDA7294 bridge power amplifier (150W/8ohms -170W/16ohms)

2014-11-23 17:19  
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This 150 watt audio amplifier circuit is made using TDA7294 integrated circuit bridge mode configuration, where two TDA7294 are used, as shown in schematic diagram bellow .

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In this 150 watt audio amplifier circuit based on TDA7294 the value of the load must not be lower than 8 Ohm for dissipation and current capability reasons.
This 150 watt audio amplifier circuit using TDA7294 bridge mode configuration is capable to provide up to 170 watts output power, without changing any electronic components.
The main advantages offered by TDA7294 bridge mode configuration are:
High power performances with limited supply voltage level, Considerably high output power even with high load values ( 16 Ohm).
The output power of this amplifier in bridge connection is 150 W with Rl= 8 Ohm , Vs = +/-25V the and 170 W output power for Rl=16 Ohm, Vs = +/-35V.

tda7294 bridge connected
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