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TDA7496 class AB power amplifier circuit

2014-11-12 11:30  
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Audio amplifier circuit presented in this schematic is a stereo 5+5W class AB power amplifier assembled in a Multiwatt 15 package designed for high quality sound, TV applications.
This audio amplifier is based on the TDA7496 audio amplifier IC .
Main features of the TDA7496 include linear volume control ,Stand-by and Mute functions , 5+5W OUTPUT POWER , short circuit protection , thermal overload protection .
The TDA7496 is pin to pin compatible with TDA7496S, TDA7496SA, TDA7495, TDA7495SA, TDA7494S, TDA7494SA.

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Typically the power supply needed must deliver 22 volts for 8 ohms load impedance and 12 volts for 4 ohms load impedance .
The maximum output power which can be obtained with this audio IC is around 5.5 watts on 8 ohms load with 10 % THD and 4 watts with 1 % THD .
When is used a 4 ohms load impedance the maximum power which is obtained is 2.1 watts with 10% THD and 1 watt with 1% THD .

TDA7496 class AB power amplifier circuit diagram