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TDA8571J audio power amplifier circuit diagram

2014-11-21 14:34  
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Electronic circuit diagram presented here is an audio power amplifier based on TDA8571J chip which is an integrated class-B output amplifier with four amplifiers in a BTL configuration, each with a gain of 34 dB.
The maximum output power delivered by TDA8571J is 40 W into a 4 ohms .
TDA8571J circuit is designed for car radio applications.

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Main features of the TDA8571J amplifier circuit are : high output power , low output offset voltage, diagnostic facility (distortion, short-circuit and temperature pre-warning) , good ripple rejection , mode select switch (operating, mute and standby) , load dump protection , short-circuit safe to ground and to VP and across the load , low power dissipation in any short-circuit condition , thermally protected , reverse polarity safe.
For this power audio amplifier is needed a 14.4 volts power supply . This audio IC power amplifier is pin compatible with TDA8568Q audio amplifier circuit .

TDA8571J audio power amplifier circuit diagram
tda8571j switch mode