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TDA8927 audio system

2014-11-07 01:21  
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This audio system electronic project is based on the TDA8927 which is a high efficiency  class-D audio power chip .
This audio system is designed using two  chips :
-TDA8927J - digital power stage
-TDA8929T- analog controller chip
This audio system amplifier based on the TDA8927 can deliver 80 W on two channels ( 2x80W ) and can operate over a supply voltage range from  15 up to 30 V  . This audio system based on the TDA8927 not require a  heatsink or (depending on supply voltage and load ) require a very small one.
If the power stage chip TDA8927 is used in mono BTL configuration the maximum output power which can be obtained is around 140W on 8 ohms with 10 & distortion .
This audio system based on the TDA8927 can be used with 4 ohms or 8 ohms load .
Other features of the this audio amplifier system are :
High efficiency (>94%) , wide operating voltage  range from ±15 to ±30 V , very low quiescent current , high output power , short-circuit proof across the load (only in combination with controller TDA8929T ), diagnostic output ,usable as a stereo Single-Ended (SE) amplifier or as a mono amplifier in Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) , electrostatic discharge protection (pin to pin) , thermally protected (only in combination with controller TDA8929T).
This audio amplifier system require few external components and can be used in applications like : television sets , home-sound sets , multimedia systems , car audio .

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