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TPA4860 audio amplifier

2014-11-03 01:30  
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The TPA4860 audio amplifier is manufactured by Texas Instruments and is capable to deliver an output audio power of 1 W into a 8 ohms load  . 

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TPA4860 require a  5 volts power supply circuit and can be used in small electronic devices  , portable electronic circuits or in any audio application that don’t require a high audio power  .
This audio IC require few external components to work and it has many other features like  : 1 W BTL Output ,  3.3-V and 5-V Operation , No Output Coupling Capacitors Required  ,  Shutdown Control , Headphone Interface Logic , Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection .
This audio IC circuit is pin to pin compatible with LM4860 , so you can use any of these two ICs .

TPA4860 audio amplifier circuit diagram 1 watt output power