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TSH22 Audio Line Driver

2016-01-15 19:59  
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This is an audio line driver circuit using a TSH22. The advantages of this circuit are low distortion, exhibits a wide bandwidth and an output current sufficient to drive medium impedance loads at a high level modulation. Here is the circuit :

TSH22 Audio Line Driver circuit schematic

This circuit uses two TSH22 that is used in non inverting mode. The gain of this cricuit can be set by resistors. This circuit only uses a single power supply with voltage between 8V and 30V. A phantom ground at Vcc/2 is made by two resistors (R4 and R6).

Following equations show the overall gain for frequency in the bandwidth :
Gain channel 1 = (R1 R2)/R1
Gain channel 2 = (R8 R9)/R8

[Source: STMicroelectronics Application Note]

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