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Two-channel mixing desk circuit diagram

2014-11-29 13:47  
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A two-channel mixing desk can be made using electronic diagram below. This mixing console lets you mix the two audio signals are alternated with a frequency of 100kHz clock by four MOS switches. Clock frequency of 100kHz is produced by the N4-N6 consists of inverters. By overlapping clock signal with a DC voltage inverters N1 and N2 entry arises from a report break out of N2 clock signal P1 adjustable. The same signal but inverted is located at the exit of N3. These two switches control signals S2, S3 respectively S1, S4.
Mixing of the two signals occurs at this moment, in that they allow them to pass one or the other signal exchange.
Montage consume a maximum current of 10mA and requires a supply voltage between 9 and 15 volts DC.

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