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UTC2025 low power audio amplifier

2014-11-25 22:31  
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This audio amplifier is based on the UTC2025 audio IC and can be used in low power audio applications for portable devices like audio players , radios and other low power devices which don’t need high audio power .
The output power delivered by the UTC2025 amplifier circuit depends of the used power supply ,  load impedance and the connection type ( bridge mode or stereo mode ) .

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The UTC2025 accept 4 ohms and 8 ohms load impedance  and the output power delivered for a 9 volts power supply is 2.3 watts on 4 ohms or 1.3 watts on 8 ohms load for stereo mode circuit .  The maximum output power for bridge mode circuit is 4.8 watts on a 9 volts power supply .If you want to use in bridge mode a 4 ohms load impedance you need to use a 6 volts power supply and the maximum output power will be around 2.8 watts .
Other features of this audio amplifier electronic project are : Few External components , High Channel isolation , voltage gain up to 45dB(Adjustable with external resistor) , soft clipping , Internal Thermal protection .
This audio amplifier IC supports a wide input voltage range from 3 volts up to 12 volts DC .

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