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Wireless audio receiver using IR

2014-11-01 12:29  
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Using electronic diagram below, can be built an infrared receiver, allowing reception of an audio signal, without using electrical wires. The infrared receiver can be used with infrared transmitter presented in a previous article.
Both types of ir diode used in the circuit have a filter for visible light and are centered on the wavelength of the transmitter LED (950 nm at 25 ° C). At a distance of several meters (1.5 2.4 m) to obtain an output voltage (no load) 200 - 300 mV, sufficient for many applications. Current drawn in this case is 9 to 10 mA.

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P1 is used for setting minimum distortion. For best setings you need to apply a 150 mV 1 kHz audio signal to the transmitter, and set of both circuits for minimum distortion. This will be done in the absence of electric light, not as transmitter audio signal modulates a carrier so that the bulbs, especially tubes (which emit appreciable amounts of IR at 950 nm, modulated with 100 Hz) can produce a really hum. Even sunlight degrade the signal-noise.

Circuit Diagram:  Wireless audio receiver circuit diagram