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ADV7123 Digital-to-Analog Converter Connection Diagram and D

2015-01-11 21:05  
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This digital-to-analog converter (DAC) integrated circuit is designed for lowest noise performance, both radiated and conducted noise. A recommendedconnection diagram for the ADV7123 is shown in the following schematic diagram.

digital to analog converter circuit diagram

According tothe ADV7123 datasheet, this device consists of three high speed, 10-bit, video DACs with complementary outputs, a standard TTL input interface, and a high impedance, analog output current source. It used to be applied in digital video systems, image processing, digital radio modulation, color graphics and more.

Additional information on ADV7123 Digital-to-Analog Converter Connection Diagram can be seen in this datasheet of pdf filetype (source: analog.com).