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Audio noise filter circuit(2N2907)

2015-01-10 20:19  
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This article describes the Audio noise filter circuit (2N2907). The principle is very simple, very practical. The circuit components can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this circuit, you can go to find and buy these components: 2N2907.

when we said to Noise signal in an audio system. everyone not likes it, wants to get rid of it all. I also not like them too. However, we can use it to get rid of it. I use transistors. Because it is easy to find. And low noise. Friends try to see the circuit below.
Noise Filter Signal using FET 2N3819
This be Noise Filter Circuit for filter the frequency disturbs all well. By use base type equipment the FET transistor number 2N3819 and Electronic part The other a little again. It can be usable economize with. By the circuit will decrease frequency tall signal more 20KHz well. Then can apply in side sound circuit well , and still have still can fine decorate filter noise level has as well yes.


Band rejection filter using TL071

The band rejectionfilter circuitis not wide filter that can denial the frequency up to 60dB by we used theTL071single chip op-amp it is very low distortion and work good at output to maximum to 100kHz or the range 1Hz to 20kHz
In the circuit we defined three resistors R1,R2,R3 are like value to 100K, and then two capacitors C1,C2 are equal to 330pF, For will reject the frequency at 50Hz.
By we can select the parts with the formula is F = 2×3.14xRC , And to get rejection well than 40dB if we should the resistor matched to 0.1% and capacitor to 1%.
The circuit is the right narrow filter for well audio system, we hope you enjoy with this circuit ideas.

Band rejection filter using TL071

Filter the Scratch and Rumble Noise

If a friend gets into trouble about the noise. Try out this circuit before, may like. It is Filter the Scratch and Rumble Noise Circuit. That make a friend feels annoyed very the character of the circuit filters this frequency , use , Resistor , and , Capacitors , or , RC Filter that often call that Passive Filter Circuit. By have Switch choose filter the noise. By SW1 for Rumble noise Filter and the SW2 for Scratch noise filter. Make the noise that change this circuit goes to are left a little for power supply Source should use battery 9V. Because will decrease the noise from power supply , give with this circuit there yes.



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