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Continuous-wave filter

2015-01-09 04:52  
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This article is a continuous wave filter  circuit  principle. Combined with the text to understand the principle diagram will be more efficient.

As shown in figure: the circuit of the direct conversion receiver has a very wide bandwidth and receive two sidebands. The circuit is very simple and is based on a netw1ork wine bridge. Op-amp inverting output to tw1o provide filter elements, filter and buffer the output load. 100 k coaxial potentiometer control notch frequency and a range from about 75 hz to 15 KHZ. 50 k pan for any unbalanced compensation level in the filter output. By adjusting the two basins, in turn, it should be possible to completely eliminate unnecessary receiver output. Did you get the circuit, should use betw1een af amplifier and the receiver volume control

Direct conversion and other simple receiver has fairly wide bandwidth can make life a little difficult when copying weak cw station, especially if the band is a bit crowded. This circuit can be used together in a single operational amplifier tw1in af - T filter provides a very narrow filter. In tell me before anyone jump tw1in -t is a notch filter -- yes, but to use it in a feedback loop, the input impedance of the shunt high 100 k until the input frequency is at the notch frequency tw1in - T. This circuit is around 900 hz and fixed on the frequency of the filter. Should not gain and betw1een circuits using the receiver volume control amplifier and atrial fibrillation. The circuit of the output level of the two circuits can be changed, by changing the value of the feedback resistance 47 k (last year) at the output of the op-amp, it has been input. Not using op-amp notch filter may be used for continuous wave filter circuit. If you then you can delete tw1o 47 K resistor and 10 uf capacitor supply distributor. This circuit already exists in the notch filter and can be used for deviation input op-amp in the continuous wave filter. Text principle and schematic diagram to understand the principle, it is particularly easy to understand?