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DS1669 Digital Potentiometer

2015-01-10 16:36  
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DS1669 Digital Potentiometer


DS1669 Digital Potentiometer


Control audio volume, LCD contrast, frequency, etc. by using two buttons instead of a common potentiometer. This circuit explains how we do it with Maxim's DS1669 IC. This IC is very popular and is widely used because it is a potentiometer that never wears down. By using S1 and S2 pushbuttons you can adjust the resistance. C1 is only a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor. You can use the datasheet of DS1669 to get more detailed information.

- Replaces mechanical variable resistors

- Electronic interface provided for digital as
well as manual control

- Wide differential input voltage range
between 4.5 and 8V

- Wiper position is maintained in the absence
of power

- Low-cost alternative to mechanical controls

- Applications include volume, tone, contrast,
brightness, and dimmer control

- Available in 8-pin SOIC and 8-pin DIP

- Standard resistance values for Dallastat:
DS1669-10 ~ 10 kΩ
DS1669-50 ~ 50 kΩ
DS1669-100 ~ 100 kΩ

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