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DS1803 Digital Potentiometer ? The Great Variable Resistor

2015-01-13 13:13  
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You're still frustrated with your old-fashioned and limited functions potentiometer? Instead of being annoyed by it, why don't you spends several hours and make a DS1803 digital potentiometer?

With this DS1803 digital potentiometer, you can easily control the resistance over its range in the programmable action, and then send it commands over a 2-Wire (12C/TWI) serial interface in a second!

Which means, you can hook it up to others microcontroller, such as the most popular Arduino, and then just adjusting the resistance in the program. The reason why you need to choose DS1803 because it compatible with the program, it can be operate in either 3V or 5V, and you can choose from a few different models with various resistance ranges.

For the project, you can simply create a little PCB, where it consist two DS1803s on it. You will get four potentiometers on this board, since each of the DS1803 has two potentiometers!

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