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Digital Code Lock Circuit Schematic Showing

2015-01-16 14:25  
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Next is the digital code lock circuit schematic presentation. The circuit using the CMOS  4017  decade counter IC. Each depression of a switch step output through the 0 - 9. And by coupling the output through a gate to the next IC, a predefined code must be entered to create outputs. Each PBS switch is controlled by tw1o Gates debounced CMOS4001 four 2-input nor gate. This ensures that a clean pulse input counter for each CMOS 4017. Only by the correct number of a to allow the PBS PBS B becomes active. This is similar to PBS C and PBS IC4 pheasant, PBS D must be seven times. Then PBS C again seven times, stepping from output 1 to output 8. And the door and then formed around CMOS4081 higher illumination LED. This can press the reset switch at any time. Power-on reset capacitor provides a reset switch 100 n.

comblock digital combination lock