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Digital Keypad Entry Keyless Security Lock

2015-01-13 08:34  
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The Original Digital Lock is a bump proof keyless security lock, requiring no wires, no batteries and no keys. Many of the products have a lifetime warranty on the mechanics of the locks. We supply locks to many markets and sectors including residential homes, apartment buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and double combination locks for fences where the need to restrict access to areas is vital.A keypad enters a four-digit access code, which is programmed via jumpers on a 24-pin plug-in header and socket. Ul is an LST220, which detects a four-digit sequential data input. When the correct data is entered into the keyboard, pin 13 of Ul goes high, which activates Ql and Kl. K1 drives an external electric lock solenoid, etc. A keypad door lock is also a great choice for any home or business, password protecting your doors from unauthorized users. Keypad locks are typically more affordable than biometric door locks, while still offering a higher level of security than a standard key-entry lock. Investing in a keypad door lock can make all the difference in securing your property.




Digital Entry Lock