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Digital Thermometer Circuit

2015-01-13 05:54  
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PIC16F84A Digital Thermometer Circuit

Thedigital thermometer circuitis built, almost all by using the temperature sensor of some form of discrete components, such as a solid-state sensor or a thermistor. It is intended to actually measure the temperature of the environment with emphasis on how a micro controller to interpret the readings into a human-friendly form for the benefit of users.

However, unlike the digital thermometer description of the above, since it allows that a digital thermometer designed without an external sensor, by using the temperature-sensitive property of the microcontroller itself. This is an Application Note on how to measure the temperature with the PIC16F84A Watchdog Timer. (Leena Chaudhari, Microchip)

Digital Thermometer Circuit Diagram

Here is a circuit diagram of the digital thermometer based on PIC16F84A microcontroller made by Microchip. Thermometer is unlike the classic built digital thermometer that still uses an external sensor. This is a complex solution in the design of the system since it involves only a few external components. The design aims at a low cost applications but provides measurement results with high precision.

PIC16F84A - Digital Thermometer Circuit

PIC16F84A - Digital Thermometer Circuit

The microcontroller of thedigital thermometer circuituses watchdog timer function to measure temperature. The WDT on all microcontrollers PICmicro has a nominal time-out period of 18 ms. The WDT time-out period varies with temperature, VDD and part-to-part process variations. It’s possible to calculate the temperature with reasonable accuracy using the WDT time-out period without using a separate temperature sensor,

Treatment system in order to interpret the environmental temperature becomes an actual reading is the following:

Provide a method for Establishing time-out to temperature calibrationCount the number of WDT time-outs for a given period of timeEquate the number of time-outs to a temperature

In Application Note, PIC16F84A, you can learn from the design parameters for the digital thermometer available projects, the circuit diagram and source code. For more information about the design, you can visit the following link digital thermometer circuit.

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